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Essex Homes Online

Technology is a wonderful thing! 


There once was a time that Agents could only sell houses in their own geographical area, an area where they had a physical branch, as they relied heavily on walk-in business and local newspapers, to find your buyer.


Thankfully, times have moved on, and with it, a host of new opportunities arose for Independent High Street Agents, like us, to offer good traditional service, wherever they wanted, and still get results, as if the branch was right next door to your home.


Since opening in 2014, we have sold homes from across the County and will continue to bring you the service that you would expect, from an Independent local agent, but with the marketing power of the large corporate agents.


Subtle differences in branding separate the services we offer, such as a Freephone number and dedicated “Essex Homes Online” boards to attract your buyer 24 hours a day. But consistent customer care remains at the core of what we do, whatever service you use.




After all, why should you miss out on our experience and service, just because your home happens to be further away from our office? It hardly seems fair!


But talk is cheap, this selection of results can speak for itself:


1 Basildon 1 Benfleet 1 Boreham Road 1 Brentwood 1 Dagenham 1 Leigh 1 Rochford 1 Romford 1 South Woodham 1 Southminster 1 Stanford 1 Wickford 2 Basildon 2 Benfleet 2 Romford2 Southminster 2 Wickford 3 Basildon