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Has your agent "LET" you down?


The relationship between a Landlord and his/her Estate Agent HAS to be built on trust. Let's be fair, for most people, property is the most expensive asset we own, so to put that valuable asset into the hands of an agent and say "Here you go, find me a tenant that will love it as much as I do" is not a task for the fainthearted.


However, a few agents are beginning to walk away from the Lettings market, mainly due to increased legislation and tenant fee ban, as well as incoming changes to Section 21 notices . With  factors together meaning more work and more liability for the agent, but less income, some agents have decided "enough is enough" and sold their lettings register to other agents, or just walked away from their properties as soon as the tenancy is finished. The latter effectively means that they can continue managing the stock they have, but can cancel the letting part of their packages to Rightmove, Zoopla etc. and start reducing their outgoings.


As a Landlord, this can mean that you have been left with the arduous task of finding another agent, and in some cases, at woefully short notice, as it seems that some of the less scrupulous agents haven't been informing the Landlords that they have no intention of re-marketing their home for them, until the tenant is due to move out, giving them little time to prepare for a new tenant, leaving them with costly void periods.


So I thought it would be a perfect time to state our position and where we see our future within the lettings market, to put our Landlords minds at rest and extend an invite to talk to any of you that have been let down by our competitors across the county.


Since we opened the business in 2014, we have built a lettings portfolio slowly and surely, this was an intentional move as we wanted to make sure we put service before profit. We felt that if we had come into the market with all guns blazing, the stock we had would have grown quickly but this could easily be at the detriment of the service we delivered. So, to ensure that service was kept high, we strictly maintained a growth level that we knew we could work with to deliver an enviable service to you.


We are now in a strong position where we have built relationships with our Landlords, contractors etc, to ensure that we aid in the smooth running of our clients properties.

We have always delivered a structured service which means the renewal of a tenancy is looked at when the tenancy agreement only has two months left to run. We use this point to approach the tenant and see if they wish to extend and stay. You cant stop tenants wanting to leave, for various reasons, but you can make sure that you have plenty of time to find another, have them referenced, and avoid those expensive void periods where your home is getting no income. We believe that there should be no more than a week between tenancies (presuming no major works need doing on the property) and as the Landlord, the loss of your income is kept to a minimum.


So, to conclude, we feel that we are an organisation that you can depend on and that you can trust with your most valuable asset.


If you are left high and dry, and need more reassurance then please call to arrange a face to face appointment with me on 01268 514777

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