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Our local communities


As Estate agents, it is important that we have our finger on the pulse in the areas that we work. Though may think that this stops at house values, local market conditions etc, we know it goes a lot further.


We feel it is important to know the community, to get to know the people within it and know what is going on around the area.


To this end, we admin a number of "magazine" style accounts across Twitter, based in various local areas across the county where we conduct business.


Our oldest account started life as Total RM3, based primarily in Harold Wood and Harold Hill, this account recently rebranded to Total Havering to cover a much larger demographic. This was set up while we were working for a corporate Estate Agent within that postcode, and was primarily a trial for us to see how well we could keep in touch with the local area using Twitter. We were soon impressed with the results. By using simple searches everyday, we had the news and views of the area at our fingertips.


As soon as our office in Furtherwick Road was established as the address for our new business in 2014, we launched Total Canvey, and the network started growing from there. Total Canvey quickly reached over 5,000 followers and grows daily. We now run 9 local accounts, with the very recent additions of Chelmsford and Southend, which can be found at the following Twitter addresses:

  • @TotalEssex
  • @TotalCanvey
  • @TotalBenfleet
  • @TotalWickford
  • @TotalBasildon
  • @TotalHavering
  • @TotalRayleigh
  • @TotalChelmsford

As the accounts have grown it has become more time consuming, so we have had to rely on a mixture of automated content as well as personally, hand pick news to share, but each account is carefully monitored daily so that we can keep abreast of local goings on, events and news and share them with you.


As a bonus bi-product, we have found they are a great way to help local businesses (with the exception of rival agents lol) spread the word about their products and services, at no cost to them. We understand what a difficult task it was getting our name into the public consciousness, so if we can do our little bit to help other new starters, then it is a pleasure for us to be able to do so.


We are also looking to help gain some exposure for local charities by setting up automated retweets that organisation's Twitter accounts. Sadly, we can't do this for all as Twitter is restrictive on automated content, but we can help one or two through each of the individual accounts.


If you run a local charity account near any of the areas listed above, and you would like all of your content to go to all of our followers, then please email me at with your Twitter name and I will see what I can do.

Please give any, or all, of the accounts a follow. We welcome any feedback about the content that we provide and hope you find it as useful as we do

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